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Vehicle GPS Tracking Device (2020)

Are you looking for a GPS Tracking device for your Vehicle?

How about one that can be Hardwired and has No Monthly Fees.

Trakkit GPS offers these Key Features:

  1. Real-time Tracking and Data Logging of GPS Location

  2. Hardwired – Trakkit can be hardwired and offers a permanent install.

  3. Hidden – small enough to be hidden in most areas of a vehicle

  4. Easy Install – don’t take your dash apart, Trakkit can go under the hood

  5. No Monthly Fee – Trakkit has no monthly fees or yearly subscriptions

  6. Battery Backup – internal battery backup is necessary in case the vehicle battery dies or is disconnected.

A Perfect, Hidden Location for your Vehicle GPS Tracking Device

Let’s take a look at a great location to install a Trakkit GPS Tracking Device.

Most vehicles have radiators, and we’ve found it’s the best location for our tracker, for a few reasons:

Easy to Install – Most other trackers require you to install the tracker in your dash which means taking the inside of your car apart, or having to hire someone to help. You can install it standing up, no need to crawl underneath the vehicle or under the dash.

By installing in front of the radiator, you may only need to lift the cover plate or facia grill to attach the tracker, with a magnetic case, to the braces that run in front of the car’s radiator.

Removing the Plastic Shroud to access the front of the radiator

vehicle gps tracking device showing ideal location for hidden installation

Front of a car showing radiator access

Performance – We have tested many locations and the performance is the best for our tracker when installed in the front area of the vehicle.

Concealment – We discovered this location by accident when we noticed the support braces around the front of the radiator that we can attach the magnet tracker case to. So, we tried it and saw great results.

Not many people realize a tracker can be in front of the radiator area. So, this makes it perfect as a hidden location for your tracker.

The Best Hardwired GPS Tracker for Vehicles

A hardwired GPS tracker is great for your vehicle because there is no need to change batteries, and you can install it in a permanent location.

You can install it and forget about it. Then follow your vehicle’s location and its previous tracks from the Trakkit App or desktop browser.

Trakkit GPS Tracker Hardwired Installation Kit: 12V-36V, 15 foot Cable Harness, Magnetic Case

Trakkit GPS Hardwired Installation Kit: 12V-36V, 15 foot Cable Harness, and Magnetic Case

A simple 2 wire connection can be routed directly to the battery terminals, or tapped into the fuse panel usually near the battery.

Hardwired GPS Tracker without Monthly Fee

No one wants to pay monthly fees for using a vehicle GPS tracking device. Most trackers say they include 1 or 2 years service, then you need to pay a fee to “recharge” the sim card for the next year.

This can be a headache and expense that you may not want; and it adds up if you need to track more than one vehicle.

In addition, the Trakkit GPS tracker can record or log the routes taken by the vehicle and automatically upload the data when it returns home.

The data recorded includes time, location, speed, heading, and voltage. The voltage can also allow for monitoring the vehicle Engine-On hours or run-time, allowing for engine hour maintenance.

Great GPS Tracking Device for Trucks and Heavy Equipment

Trakkit is perfect for Trucks, Vans, and Fleets, and Heavy Equipment of all sizes.

heavy equipment gps tracker

Tractor Truck showing Trakkit GPS install Location

In the picture shown above, you can see the GPS tracker and the waterproof, magnetic case attached to the metal frame just in front of the radiator of a heavy-duty tractor truck.

The cable is then routed along the metal bracket and connected to the battery bridge terminal on the passenger side of the truck above the wheel well.

In some trucks, if the brackets in front of the radiator are aluminum, then just flip the magnetic case upside down and use industrial velcro the attach.

There are many advantages to a GPS tracking system for your vehicle. We have shown you one of the better ones that don’t require a monthly fee.

As a Heavy Equipment GPS Tracker, you can use Trakkit to Log/Record where your equipment has traveled and for how long. For example, you get billed for work done in certain areas, so you want to be sure the equipment has covered that area that you are billed for.

These Logs could then be automatically uploaded, via WiFi, to your account and viewed on the map, or you could even retrieve the Logs in the field by using your phone’s mobile hotspot.

Monitor All Your Vehicles on One Account

vehicle gps tracker interface on desktop

Desktop Browser Application

See all your vehicles and monitor the logs, and even set Alerts and Geo-Fence for each vehicle. Each vehicle GPS tracking device you install can be viewed from the same account.

Use a desktop browser or cell phone to manage your GPS tracking devices for each vehicle.

Try our GPS Tracker

One of the best vehicle GPS tracking devices you can find with No Monthly Fees.


Where Can I Purchase a GPS Tracking Device for Vehicle

See Links in this article.

Where would you Hide a GPS Tracker on a Truck

In Front of the Radiator is one of the best Locations on a Truck.

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