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Best Digital Refrigerator Thermometer

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Best Digital Refrigerator Thermometer

Are you looking for a way to monitor your refrigerator temperature remotely, from your phone?

A Wireless Refrigerator Thermometer with WiFi

Here at Armellini, we ship a lot of flowers and we needed a way for our customers to monitor their commercial refrigerators for flower storage and distribution. We looked at many systems that had the features we needed, including a WiFi connection to send its data over the internet so we could monitor it from our cell phones. Ideally, we needed something small that was easy to install since we will need about 100 temperature sensors for all of our refrigerated packing warehouses and storage areas. We decided on Trakkit THS, which has the features we wanted and also allows us to use external power with a USB cable for the times we didn’t want to worry about changing batteries.

Here is a list of the features we loved about Trakkit THS:

Get alerts if the temperature goes too high for your refrigerator.

This is a great feature that allows you to get an email alert when the temperature goes out of range. We actually set 2 alerts, the first alert if the temperature in the refrigerators goes just above the normal high, and the next alert if the temperature goes 10 degrees above that. This way we will know early enough to take action if something goes wrong.

Can plug it in or use internal batteries:

Being able to plug in our sensor is nice because we can install it in a location and never have to change the batteries, and in remote areas where we need temperature but can’t plug it in, just use the internal batteries. We have seen about 5 – 7 months on just 2 AAA batteries.

Smaller than others we have tried:

Trakkit THS is very small, basically not much bigger than the 2 AAA batteries that are inside. This makes it easy to put in locations that are difficult to mount anything.

Integrated WiFi, no extra hub needed:

There is no additional hub or equipment to buy, Trakkit THS connects to our existing WiFi routers. It is truly wireless. Many temperature sensors come with Bluetooth only, and that doesn’t help us at all.

Great mobile app with graphs:

Having a graph of the temperature and humidity is nice to spot trends and quickly see if something is out of range.The app is where you can set alerts and rules that trigger an email when something is wrong.

Sends alerts to several email addresses:

When setting rules for alerts, we are able to send the alert to multiple email addresses. This is great because the primary contact may not get the alert not able to respond.

The setup is so easy, just press the WPS button on the router and plug in Trakkit

All we did was press the WPS button on our router and plug the Trakkit into the USB cable. It was that easy. Not having to type the SSID and password, which is prone to errors/mistypes, is very nice, and all routers come with WPS button feature. There are times when we didn’t have access to the router, so we used manual setup mode and added the SSID/ Password that way.

All sensors viewable from 1 App

We can have as many sensors as we want and they can be viewed from one app. This is a must since we have close to 100 sensors spread throughout our facilities. And you can quickly search for a sensor by name, if needed.

Bottom Line

We recommend these Trakkit sensors to our customers so they can keep track of their cooler temperatures where they store flowers for delivery.

Trakkit THS – Fridge Temperature Monitoring System See more details about Trakkit THS – Temperature & Humidity Sensor

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